Autumn / Winter first impression: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

Studio: Silver Link

Director: Oonuma, Shin | Air Date: 03/10/2015 | Priority: Medium-High


What’s with all the red faced blushy-ness??. Looks like a right prissy too – maybe being too harsh there.

A tale of being the most powerful worst magical knight in school. An anime about swords and sorcery no doubt. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?.

The story follows Ikki Kurogane, the titular lead character. A failed knight, in a prestigious magical school. Being a rank F – he is the “worst knight” in the school. The reason being he is the worst knight, is because, he has no magical aptitude. But he is very skilled in swordsmanship. The only way for Ikki to graduate, is by winning the Seven Star Sword Art Festival. However he is hampered by his family – who coincidently are also prestigious.

Next we have our main female lead – Stella Vermillion; a princess. Ranking high in most of her education. Being rank A with good magical and swordsmanship capabilities. An all rounder, if you will. The way she and Ikki meet, well it’s pretty typical for this genre. Ikki “accidentally” walking in on Stella whilst she was in her underwear – in his dorm room. A clear misunderstanding from the start. But from there on, they develop a mutual attraction to each other.

And then we have Shizuku – a talented magic user and the younger sister on Ikki. Who has a brotherly-complex. To the point of it being incest. Who hates the way her family treated Ikki. So she wants to compensate for that, with all the love she can muster for him.

The series is heavily, and I mean heavily compared to another series that is airing alongside it, you’ll know which series I’m talking about since I’m doing episodic reviews on it – Asterisk War.

And the comparison is near accurate enough. Whilst the main male leads have different goals / motives, the way they meet their potential love interests is almost exactly the same. Both male leads, use a sword. Both are proficient excel in swordsmanship. The female leads are both tsunderes. Julis and Stella are powerful magic users with good melee skills. And both are princess. The tournament; is almost exactly the same in both anime. They are so similar – it is hard to not compare them. Even the OP; both are about a brave new world.

The other thing Cavalry uses is something called blazers – the manifestation or a “device” aka weapons, armour etc made through their souls. This is something that Absolute Duo had.

My favourite moments; when Ikki tells Stella to not worry for being in her underwear, as he too would undress himself. In hopes of making the situation even. And when Shizuka greets him, by giving Ikki a full on kiss – even suggesting sleeping together, everyone objected to that notion. Getting Stella jealous, which lead to her and Shizuka having a proper cat fight.

Screen-shot Gallery:
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Cavalry - 1Cavalry - 2Cavalry - 3

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Cavalry - 4.1Cavalry - 5Cavalry - 6


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