Autumn / Winter first impression: Owari no Seraph; Nagoya Kessen-hen

Studio: Wit-Studio

Director: Tokudo, Daisuke  | Air Date: 10/10/2015 | Priority: High


Good grief, Guren looks all fired up about something!. Well this is the second half of owari. So no wonder he is all fired up about it….just kidding.

Owari; Nagoya Kessen-hen or battle in Nagoya continues on from where the 1st half of the season left off. In a poor place with poor pacing, poor story telling and poor character development.

The season premièred with a full blown recap from the last episode of the 1st half; known as episode 0. And we’re in to episode 5, and this 1st impression is uber late. Geez, you guys can be demanding at times :P.

So is this half better than the last one?. Well I have to say it IS a lot better. The pacing is better, still dips now and again. Character development are much better, you don’t have Yuu being the star crossed princess cringe worthy over Mika on almost every episode. He isn’t that angsty, aloof character. He works better with his “new” family. Yoichiro has improved and isn’t the Armin Arlet clone. Shinoa still kicks ass, Mitusba too. Kimizuki isn’t being the Jean clone. And then we have Ferid, whose still…Ferid. The story also shifts to the political wrangling, who would have thought this existed in the near perfect vampire society. But seems to have some intrigue. Along with Shinoa’ family making their move. And they are very powerful.

The funniest moments is when Yuu tried to be uber cool with a sweet move on a horseman of John (how did they come about again?). Whilst trying to land on the car, Shinoa has Kimizuki move the car, thus Yuu miss it and ends up looking like a fool. And Goshi (Guren’ unit) ogling over women in swimsuits and asking the female members to dress in them. Only to get shot down, but didn’t object if Guren asked them to.

Screen-shot Gallery:

 Gallery 1:

owari no seraph - Yuuowari no seraph - avoidowari no seraph - left behind

Gallery 2:

owari no seraph - guren 2owari no seraph - narumi squadowari no seraph - goshi pervert

*Note: I haven’t edited the images.

4 thoughts on “Autumn / Winter first impression: Owari no Seraph; Nagoya Kessen-hen

  1. Well this is wonderful news! I’ve still yet to start Seraph’s second half due to a lack of free time and wanting to watch it all in one go, but just knowing that it’s this much better than the first train wreck makes me excited to start. Now I’m all fired up, too!


  2. Swimsuits instead of uniforms sounds like a grand idea! Glad to hear that the series has gotten better. The first volume of the manga didn’t impress me much, but the series must have some good points as it is fairly popular.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the swimsuits does sound better xDD. The series is like a few chapters ahead now (so I’ve read from other commentators). but yeah the series is still a let down, but at least it’s trying to redeem itself; in some way.

      Liked by 1 person

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