Beautiful Bones: Saukurako's investigation

Episode 03: The Bones that Slumber in Summer

Tatewaki is at Kujou’ house, trying to guess a skeleton. He guessed it wrong. Kujou corrects him. Gran compliments him on his ability to recognise a squirrel bone structure, before he would have just ran in to the kitchen. Tatewaki isn’t happy that Kujou is still calling him boy, she quips back by stating that he is still under-age. They are off to Touma. Tatwaki and Kujou are in a visitor centre, when Kujou also most trips, he catches her by the hand. He also notes some personality quirks of her. Kujou takes him to a game trail, she hopes to find some bones. Tatewaki recalls the name she shouted out “Soutarou”. He ponders on the name. Just then a young woman came running out of the bushes. Tatewaki and Kojou go off to investigate. Tatewaki is worried for Kujou‘ safety. But she just brushes it off and states, even with him around it won’t make a difference. Kujou is excited to see the decaying body, Tatewaki isn’t. She gives him a run down as to how a decaying body works. Tatewaki reported the body to the police. Much to Kujou’ chagrin. The detective from the first episode is back and isn’t happy to see the duo again.

BB3 - 1

The detective wants to know if they recognise the body. Kujou speculates as to who can it be. She deducted from the ageing process of the clothing worn, that body has been around here since Spring or Autumn. Most likely Autumn. She tells the detective to see if anyone has gone missing since last Autumn. And notes that the teeth indicate that body is pretty old. She also notes a broken neck – which could have been from a large fall, preferably from a cliff near by. But she deduces that it the body died of suffocation first. The detective is “interested” in hearing more, so he leads Kujou away from the crime scene. After coming back home, it turns out that she is in a sulky mood. Her uncle was the one that got her in to bones. Tatewaki takes some Densuke watermelon to her room. Tatewaki sees a picture of her and a little boy next to her. He finds out who Soutarou is. Tatewaki notes that bones belong to people.

| I have a feeling your left lung is larger than average

— Sakurako, episode 3

Tatewaki’ teacher jokes that he won’t be able to bail out his students from trouble if they find themselves during their summer break. Kougami wanted to speak to Tatewaki, so they go to a cafe. Kougami seems to be troubled about her grandmother. She thanks Tatewaki for finding her grandmothers bones. It turns out, that it seemed the grandmother just upped and left – without leaving a note, gossip was that she got tired of looking after Kougami’ grand father. Kougami refuses to believe it was suicide. That’s based on the police report findings. Tatewaki takes Kujou – who is annoyed since she was assembling a monkey skeleton to Kougami’ house. Kujou isn’t really interested in small talks with Kougami. Kougami thinks they are in some relationship. Tatewaki thinks of himself as Kujou’ guardian. Kujou notices a picture of a horse. Kougami states it was done by her grandfather. She also tells them it her grandfather is staying at a daycare centre. And they are finding it tough.

BB3 - 2

Kougami tells them, that her grandfather is a dementia sufferer and that her grandparents were staying in Touma. Her grandmother insisted that everything is alright, but Kougami blames herself that they weren’t really listening. Kujou tries to comfort her, in her own way. Kougami gives the horse painting as a present to Kujou. Kougami asks Kujou as to how & where her grandmother died. They take her to the place. They note that care-giving is tough on anyone. Kujou notes that the grandmother might have fallen from the cliff. Kougami thinks she died alone. Kujou thinks the grandmother didn’t suffer. She explains the height of the cliff isn’t high enough to instantly kill a normal person. But she died accidentally, due to the manner of her fall. Kougami races up the cliff side, to find out the reason as to why her grandmother died. They see a beautiful scenery. Kougami’ grandpa painted that exact same scenery – but at sunrise. Her grandma, went to see the scenery herself. Kougami explained that her grandmother was an early riser and that she attended the fields. Kougami finds her peace.

Points of interests:

  • The squirrel skeleton that Tatewaki thought was a Hokkaido squirrel
  • It was in fact a Taiwanese squirrel
  • Tatewaki isn’t a fan of bones – but is getting used to being around them
  • Kojou refuses to call Tatewaki by his name, and deliberately dis-acknowledges that she called him Shoutarou
  • Tatewaki notes that Sakurako is anti-social and would like her to consider him a friend
  • Tatewaki is in to Geology / Palaeontology
  • Soutarou is Sakurako’ deceased little brother.

BB3 - 3

BB3 - 4

Episode thoughts:

A slow paced episode from the last one. I have no problems with that, not every mystery is going to be action filled. And this episode proved it. The whole point of this episode is to solve two mysteries; what happened to Kougami’ grandma and who is Shoutarou. Shoutarou being the biggest revelation. That it turns out be her deceased kid brother. We do get to see a tiny bit of Sakurako opening up, and letting her kind, gentle side come out. As when she tried to comfort Kougami – in her own ‘scientific’ way. Kougami and we – the viewers do think that there might be an attraction, certainly from Tatewaki’ side. Will this little side thing, become something?. Maybe. A decent episode. On a side note, must apologise, I keep misspelling Kujou to Koujou – but then again she could be the female equivalent of Kojak??. Only female, has long black hair, pale complexion….jk.


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