Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Episode Review: 03 – A holiday for two

Ayato goes to Claudia’ place. Ayato thinks that her position has earned her a more luxurious place. Claudia wishes that Ayato took more notice of her. Claudia likes the hassle that her position brings. Ayato was brought in to see the competitors for the phoenix festa. They pulled out due to injury. Their injuries varied, but Ayato & Claudia think they were targeted. They suspect that Julis is the next target. Claudia wants Ayato to stick with Julis. As she thinks Julis isn’t capable of handling the situation all by herself. Ayato just thinks that Julis is going to show him around the city. Claudia thinks otherwise. Even though there is animosity between then Claudia does care about Julis welfare. And the other students. Claudia tries to seduce Ayato. Julis looks different, which kind of surprises Ayato. Julis shows him around the city, showing the different duel arenas. They both prefer not living in a city that likes to duel. Julis wants to eat at a place called WcDonald. Ayato is surprised that a princess would even try out a burger joint. Julis reiterates that she heard this place from her friends back home. Ayato mentions of the attacks made on her. And suggests that she has someone with her. She declines the offer. Lester shows up with Randy and some other dude. Lester insists that Julis faces him.

| Is this one of the perks of being student council president

— Ayato, episode 3

Ayato interrupts Lester and reiterates that people are after Julis and can interrupt their pro-longed awaited re-match. Lester wants to hear none of it, and ends up challenging Ayato instead. Ayato is not fazed by Lesters intimidation tactics. Randy and the other dude, talk down Lester in to not challenging Ayato. Julis is amazed at Ayato’ unflinching attitude. Ayato enjoyed their day out. So did Julis. Two students from another school have gotten in to a brawl with each other. It turns out, that is a common ploy, to feign a fight with each other in order to surround their target. Julis reckons they are just hoodlums out for a job. And that she is going to grill one of them, to get some answers out of them. This in all of self-defence. Ayato tells her to go easy on them. Julis wipes the floor with them all. And then asks one them as to who hired them. The punk doesn’t know who, was told just to ‘hurt them a little‘. The punk points out his benefactor, he was hiding behind some trees watching. Julis gives chase to him. When she was attacked.

asterisk - 2

One of the attackers feigned an attack on Julis. And instead attacked Ayato. Ayato reacts fast enough to block the attack. The assailants then retreat. However Ayato’ Lux is destroyed. Julis wants Ayato to stick around a bit longer. She has him come over to her place. She wants him to take off his clothes. But Ayato has an involuntary moment. More like a misunderstanding moment, as Julis wanted to sew up Ayato’ clothes. Julis sewing capabilities aren’t the greatest. Julis saws up Ayato’ jacket, under the guise of not wanting to be under more debt to him. Ayato spots a picture. And asks if these are her friends. Julis reacts angrily. But confirms that they are her friends. Julis admits in being a tomboy and sneaked out of the palace. Julis was almost raped by some thugs, but was saved by some orphan girls in the slums.

asterisk - 8

They became close friend, but Julis hid the fact that she was a princess from them. The orphanage is close to being closed down. Julis laments in not being able to keep the place open with her own resources. That is why she is here. She is sickened by the cities morbid fascination with students duelling each other. But that is her reason. Her handkerchief was a birthday gift to her by the orphans, with each one taking turns embroidering it. Julis received a letter from somebody. Ayato goes after her, whilst receiving his Lux weapon the Ser Veresta.

Points of interests:

  • The episode starts off with a small recap from episode 2
  • Claudia is a page 1. A high ranking person.
  • Several competitors were forced to pull of of the phoenix festa due to injury
  • Randy Hooke is Lester McPhail partner
  • Julis is comfortable being around Ayato
  • Claudia tries to seduce Ayato

asterisk - 10asterisk - 11

Episode thoughts:

A very slow paced episode. The entire episode dedicated itself in giving a back story to Julis and her motivation. Whilst the episode tried to give a reasonable justification & motivation for Julis being at the school. It didn’t feel plausible and it didn’t make me care. At all. The entire episode is pretty much a waste, in trying to build up a strong character. Even though the first two episodes established that she is a strong character – so why bother trying to make her seem strong now?. The most comical part is when Ayato had an erection, whilst having a “misunderstood” moment with her. Claudia trying to seduce Ayato, was pretty much predictable. Over all a very underwhelming episode.


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