Beautiful Bones Episode Review: 02 – Where do you live?

A scruffy young child and the child’ mother is seen walking the streets late at night. The mother is impatient with the child. Tatewaki heads over to the convenience store, since his mother didn’t stock up the fridge. Tatewaki sees the young child across the store. The young child is taken to the police. The police want to know where the child’s mother is. but are unable to understand what the child is saying. The police officer wants to take a look at the child’ back pack, but the child refuses. Tatewaki trades some food, for the back pack. They look inside the back pack, to no avail. Tatewaki spots a hand print. And suspects it might be blood. Tatewaki takes Li-cha to Kujou place. Kujou who was sleeping, is very annoyed with him. Kujou at first wasn’t interested, but upon seeing the child, relents her stance. Upon inspecting the back pack, she ascertains that it is blood, and that made of a woman’ hand. Kujou instructs her gran, to give Li-cha some change of clothes. Li-cha likes the clothes given to her. Kujou spots something on Li’cha arm. Li-cha refuses to show her. Kujou gently wins Li-cha trust. Li-cha’ arm is either broken or fractured. She suspects Li-cha is being abused.

| These belonged to the young lady, when she was just a little girl 

— Gran, episode 2

Cubitus varus is the term used for when the arm mended itself inwards. Li-cha is aware that the arms feels slightly different. Kujou ascertains that if this is the first time, the parents would have taken the child to the hospital. This could lead to the child’ real identity. Kujou also states that is injury is fairly recent. Tatewaki suspected that Kujou might have wanted to take a look at Li-cha’ arm. Kujou cryptically states that she is a girl. Utsumi, the police officer helping with the investigation is struggling in finding Li-cha’ medical records. Kujou and Tatewaki are stuck baby sitting Li-cha. Utsumi seemed to have hit the jack pot. But the name and address were all fake. This confirms that Li-cha is being abused. Kougami, one of Tatewaki classmates spots the duo in the park. Li-cha runs over to Kougami. Kujou immediately asks Kougami for the girls real name. And to call Utsumi. They head over to the house, which seems abandoned. Tatewaki stops Li-cha from going in to the house. As he thinks there is decaying body in there.

bones - tatewaki

The house is in a right state. They find the body of the mother. Kujou goes in to her detective mode. She states that something is off about the body. Utsumi stops Kougami and Li-cha from entering the room. The body has been dead for over 4 hours. She suspects that the killer slashed at the mother for when she first came in. She suspects the killer might have been someone the mother knew. Li-cha woke up from the noise. The mother, protecting Li-cha had to find an escape route for her. But it blocked off any exists by the trash bags. In the end the mother pushed Li-cha through a small window. Kujou is thinking as to why the mother didn’t try to escape. Kujou suspects that the mother might have had another child. Tatewaki has a flash back, of Li-cha mentioning A-cha. The investigation has turned in to a race against time.

bones - sakurako 2

Kujou suspects that the child might have been hidden in the room. The child was found, but in a bad way. A topless man is spotted, and stabs Utsumi. Then heads in to the house. Koujou is giving the child CPR. The topless man heads in to the same room as Kujo and Tatewaki. Tatewaki spots the bloody knife. Kujou instructs Tatewaki to leave from her, as she is keeping the baby alive. A barely able Utsumi races in the nick of time to save Tatewaki from the crazed man. Who is slashing widely in various direction. A struggle ensues. Tatewaki disables the man from behind. Kujou seeing Tatewaki going forward. Calls out a name in desperation. Soutarou is the name she calls out. Tatewaki thinks that Kujou might be impressed, since he is a black belt and was trained by his gramps. Kujou wasn’t. The baby lived. Kujou thinks that the man is a drug addict, and for an unknown reasons attacked the mother. The mother tells Li-cha to go to the convenience store, in order to save her child life. This in Kujou eyes doesn’t completely absolve the fact that her child was badly mistreated. Tatewaki notes that Kujou called him ‘Soutarou’ twice. Kujou feels like some one is watching them from a distance.

Points of interest:

  • Half bloody foot prints are shown
  • The scruffy child apparent name is Li-cha. Her real name is Tominaga Yuu
  • Li-cha is 3 years old
  • The back holds; a stuffed toy penguin, some broken crayons, a small mirror, a hair brush and some hair bobble
  • A partial bloody hand print is on the back pack
  • Sakurako was building bones till past 4 in the morning

bones - li-cha bones - Utsumi & kougami

Episode thought:

A very interesting episode. And one that is fairly controversial, as it deals with child abuse, murder and poverty. The way the episode handled such controversial issues, felt really good. The issues at hand didn’t feel like they weren’t forced or in your face. One thing that surprised me is that, why doesn’t the police wear protective vests. I can understand that stabbings is uncommon in Japan. For Utsumi to be stabbed and miss any vital organs, rush in and hold off the attacker is just pure plot conveniences. Which kind of let the episode down a bit. The other thing that left sided me, was Tatewaki being a black belt. And I wonder who this ‘Soutarou’ is – seems like a very important person to Sakurako. As Sakurako seems pretty close to him. As I stated earlier, a very interesting episode. Also to note, Sakurako seemed a tiny bit jealous with Kougami and Tatewaki. The CPR performed by Sakurako in the episode is the correct procedure. Never use excessive force on a child whilst performing CPR. You could do more harm than good. If in doubt leave it to the professionals.


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