Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Episode Review: 02 – Ser Veresta

A flash back is shown for when Ayato was a kid. Ayato interrupts the confrontation between Julis and Lester. Julis explains to Ayato as to why she fights. It seems Julis wants to enter a tag tournament. Julis hasn’t found anyone yet. She admits that she has no friends. She expects a “knight in shinning armour” to be her partner. Ayato asks Julis where the boys dormitory is. Julis laughs at him. Ayato manges to rope in Julis in showing him around the school and city. Julis greets Ayato and Yabuki, which shocks the class. Ayato recognises someone next to him. Her name is Saya. Ayato has not seen Saya, who moved over seas for 6 years. Saya gives a very nonchalant response. Saya is at the school, because her dad wanted her to. Her dad might be an inventor. Yabuki wants to know the reason. Saya tells him, it is a secret. Yabuki is even more intrigued. However, Saya doesn’t want him to pry, and points her gun at him. Saya gets reprimanded for oversleeping by the classroom tutor. Julis seems a little jealous at Saya. Julis is giving Ayato the tour around campus. Saya and Julis are now competing against each other for Ayato attention.

| Hmm, totally see through. Now this is lurid

— Saya, episode 2

As Julis and Saya bicker over as to who gets to show Ayato around. Claudia shows up, suggesting that she shows him around, since she is the senior student. Ayato doesn’t want to get involved with the girls bickering. She withdraws from the bickering and reveals as to why she showed up, Ayato’ Lux weapons are ready and his test is scheduled. Ayato asks if her Julis and Claudia are friends. Each one responds differently. It turns out, that they know each other via the Vienna opera house ball. Claudia toys with Saya and Julis. Julis reckons that Claudia’ breasts are over-sized due to fat being there. Ayato suggests to Julis and Saya, that they both show him around. The tour seems to benefit Saya more than Ayato. According to Saya, she is directionally-challenged. This surprises Julis. Ayato goes off to get some drinks. It is here that Saya explains to Julis, that even though she is powerful and is on the same level as Saya. She is nowhere close to the level that Ayato is at. Just when they were about to test their skill, some arrows of light were fired. Julis sees a cloaked figure aiming at them. A battle ensured between the cloaked figures, Saya and Julis. Saya’ Lux is a 38-type Lux grenade launcher, the Helnekrom. The Helnekrom, destroys a water fountain, soaking the two girls.

astrisks - saya & julis

Julis calls off the duel between them. Ayato returns with the drinks, wondering as to what happened. Then spots the two girls clothes soaked through. This embarrasses Julis, with Saya not being really bothered. An investigation is ordered on the attack made on Julis. But with little evidence to go on, they have no clue as to who it is. The asterisk city has it’s police force, but they do not extend to the school grounds. They are called the Star Hunter police unit. Julis is refusing protection. Claudia, thinks that Julis is afraid of losing things. Ayato meets Lester again. The Lux is measured against the compatibility of the user. Lester has chosen the Ser Veresta. Ayato feels a sudden connection of sorts. Lester’ compatibility rate was 32%, he didn’t qualify to be compatible with the sword. The sword continually rejects Lester. Then aims itself at Ayato, Claudia is also a Lux ogre wielder. With some skill, Ayato tames the sword. Ayato compatibility is 97%. Claudia asks Ayato to come around to her place.

astrisks - saya kaboomastrisks - saya kaboom 2

Points of interests:

  • Ayato knows kendo and he has latent powers, but is forbidden to fight
  • Julis is need of money – hence why is at the school
  • Phoenix festa is a tag-combo tournament
  • Julis readily admits that she has no friends – due to having “high standards”
  • Ayato cashes in on his debt that Julis owes him
  • The class is shocked that Julis greeted someone
  • Saya is short for Sayamisa
Episode thoughts:

It was fairly slow for the most part. The harem for Ayato has just increased with the addition of Saya. Saya for me, is just plain funny. Her dead pan responses to anything are something to watch. When she got soaked, she wasn’t even bothered. Plus she quips that she isn’t in need for any underwear, just yet. We do get a bit more info on Ayato, with the flash back shown at the beginning. Saya does confirm my suspicion about Ayato being OP. The intrigue on the attempted assassination on Julis, is interesting. When the two girls squared off against the would be assassins. Saya brings out the ‘big guns’…literally since her Lux is a grenade launcher. Claudia is somewhat crafty, as she lured Ayato to her place, to see her come out of the show. Meaning she has her designs on him – which was pretty obvious right from the first episode. The other two girls, better make their move quick. Not bad of an episode. Very little action to be seen. Saya being ‘directionally-challenged’ is just pure hilarious.

astrisks - julis


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