Beautiful Bones: Saukurako's investigation

Episode 01: The princess who loves bones

A bunch of school students notice a dead kitten on the road. Tatewaki a student, asks for a newspaper, a plastic bag and a cardboard box, a female student complies and gets them for him. Tatewaki Shoutarou, recounts how he would have acted the same way as the students did. But after meeting her, that all changed. They bury the kitten. They introduce themselves to each other. Since Tatewaki didn’t know who she is. A tale of dead bodies being buried underneath the cherry blossom tree is told by Kajii Motojirou. Tatewaki thinks the city has stagnated, but still loves the city he lives in. There he visits an old house and meets the occupant, Koujou Sakurako. A lady who loves bones. Kujou lives in that old house by herself with an old house keeper. Kujou is anti-social and is disinterested in relationships. Tatewaki recounts how Koujou loves bones, since she was little. Kujou is an Osteologist [the study of bones] and reconstructs them. Tatewaki and Koujou aren’t in a relationship. Though he wishes he was. Since Koujou has a fiancé, named Ariwara – a police officer in the prefecture. Tatewaki is excited for Alaskan shrimps. Koujou isn’t. Tatewaki is annoyed that Koujo address him as “boy”, so in order to suppress dissension, she bribes him by saying they’ll have Alaskan shrimps, if he can find bones that impress her. Tatewaki joyfully takes to his task. Koujou rejects all his findings, and reprimands him for finding a piece of wood. Eventually Tatewaki finds something that he wasn’t expecting. A human skull. Koujou is pleased with this finding. She tells him that the sphenoid bone or the “butterfly bone“, is very fragile. She wants to take the skull home. Tatewaki objects. Koujou states that the skull suffered a blunt trauma at the top of the head.

| Time’s flow repress the city and it’s denizen’ hearts

— Tatewaki, episode 1

Koujou can tell the gender of the skull and a rough estimate as to how old the person could have been, she thinks the person was in their late twenties. Whilst she is over joyed with the finding, Tatewaki phones the police. Koujou doesn’t want to give up the finding, so he chases her. He does point out something; every time they go searching. They end up finding human remains. The police want the skull, but Koujou states that they won’t find the killer – due to the fact that the murder happened over one hundred years ago.  She states that the human bones can change, due to their environment. She explains to Tatewaki and the officer, that the skull has a molar that hasn’t been treated. And the teeth’s are worn down. She still intends on keeping the skull. The officer informs the duo, that there were two other bodies found – suspected to be suicide. Koujou asks whether this is the case and insists that he stops the car. Koujou goes to the scene, and inspects the two bodies. The police are outraged that she barged in, so she states she will educated the ignorant country detective. She announces that the supposed suicide, was in fact murder. Koujou’ uncle is a well known forensic throughout the prefecture. At the police station, she explains why she thinks it is a murder; the man wore his watch on his left wrist, neck tie suggests he was right handed. Yet his dominant hand was tied to the woman. She notes that the bow line knot is tied in the wrong direction. She states that self-preservation rules over all. She also notes that known acquaintances should be looked in to. Especially those that can tie a bowline knot. Koujou tired to take off with the skull, but was thwarted by Tatewaki. Koujou received some flowers from Shouko. Who happens to be her aunt. Tatewaki finally got to eat Alaskan shrimp.

BB - 1

BB - 2

Points of interest:

  • Isozaki is a Science teacher
  • The perished kitten doesn’t look that old
  • Kougami Yuriko was the one that got the items that Tatewaki asked for
  • Kougami and Imai are in the same tennis club
  • Asahikawa City, Hokkaido prefecture is where Tatewaki resides in
  • Koujou Sakurako comes from a prominent, well to do family in the prefecture
  • Koujou loves bones since she was little

BB - 4

Episode thought:

A very interesting start to a very interesting series. This is very much like CSI / Bones / Holmes. If you like Grissom, who had an odd quirk with insects. Then Koujou Sakurako would interest you. Straight away, you are told that she loves bones. To the point of being obsessive with them, with a semi comedic result. This exposition dump is crucial as it help to establish her as the main lead. What really makes her shine is that, she is unquestionably intelligent. Her observation skills are impeccable. But what does seem to contradict this, is that her speciality is the study of bones. Not detective skills. She can determine, how the person was killed. Just through mere observation. Tatewaki, pretty much narrates the story from his perspective, hence why it gives this “Sherlock Holmes” feel to it. His interaction with Sakurako is pretty funny. As he is the one, who is horrified with the findings. And is usually found doing the grunt work, whilst Sakurako enjoys watching him do the work. A very good start to the series. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, let me know as to what you think of the edited format : D.

BB - 3


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