Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Episode Review: 01 – Witch of the resplendent flames

A fight scene starts off the episode, between a young man and a young woman. The two clash, eventually a winner is decided; the man. The slain young woman utters a name Ayato and apologies. The scene shifts to a young man entering a school. He catches a handkerchief blown in his direction.He catches it and then proceeds to return it, via the window. Upon his entering, he accidentally catches a young woman in her underwear. This didn’t bode well for the young man. As an uncomfortable awkwardness ensues. But he returns the handkerchief to the lady. Whilst pleased to have the item returned, his earlier transgression did not go without punishment. As she blasts him out of the room. This action led them to have a duel. They introduce themselves to each other. The young man is Ayato Amagiri, whilst the the young lady is Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, a #5 ranked student. They link up their badge, in order to initiate a duel. Julis thinks she has the upper hand against Ayato. He ends up surprising her, as she struggles against him. In the end however, Ayato notices an arrow of light aimed at Julis. And ends up saving her. The duel ends as a no contest. When it turns out Claudia Enfield, student and council president was behind the no contest.

| Uh…excuse me for speaking to you from here

— Ayato Amagiri, episode 1

Claudia wants Ayato to address her, by her first name. She also teases Ayato. Claudia shows Ayato that there are 6 different schools, all vying for supremacy in the festas battle, that occurs every year. Seidoukan academy record in Festas, for the past few years have been abysmal. Ayato, however is not interested in the battle nor the glory for the school. He wants to know if Haruka Amagiri attended Seidoukan. Claudia pulls up a file for Ayato to see, but the data seems corrupted and her record is sketchy. Haruka may have wielded a weapon known as Ogre Lux (Demon sword of the black furnace) under the name of Ser Vereseta. A powerful weapon, with a Urm Manadite core. The partial data was kept for 5 years. Ayato, as a transfer student on a scholarship has access to the ogre lux weapon. Claudia flirts with him. “Faking” the final paperwork to get Ayato out of the duel with Julis. A teacher introduces Ayato with a nail-baseball bat. Ayato is seated next to Julis, who feels she owes Ayato a debt. A classmate informs Ayato that Julis has a habit of keeping everyone at arms length. His name is Eishirou Yabuki and is Ayato roomate. Leseltania, a country with a monarch. And Julis is the crown princess. Julis entered the school 2 years ago. Ayato returns the sword lent to him by Yabuki, who is astonished that he remembers his voice. Ayato remarks that he always returning things by his nagging older sister. The two boys spot Julis in an argument with a guy, who is demanding a duel with her. Which she has defeated 3 times. Lester McPhail is the guy and he is ranked #9. Lester provokes her in to a response. Ayato sees the true flames of her resolve.

asterixs Julis

Points of interests:

  • An unprecedented disaster named invertia – dissolved many nations
  • Integrated Empire Foundation seized control
  • Humans are gifted with the Genestella
  • Genestella via for supremacy in Battle Entertainment called Festas
  • Julis attack is called Longiflorum
  • Ayato attack is twin dragon
Episode thoughts:

Well for the 1st episode it wasn’t all that bad. It gives some exposition dump on the world and the two main characters, Ayato and Julis. Pretty standard stuff for most ecchi anime with Ayato seeing Julis in her underwear. And feeling up her boobs, whilst accidentally saving her. The fight scene, whilst short were fairly well choreographed. The attacks were pretty well done. I’m interested in as to why Julis is called a strega. What kind of sucks is that, the female leads are already drooling over Ayato. And he hasn’t done anything remotely interesting (yet). The good thing is that they haven’t shown Ayato true powers. Although it is hinted, he might be slightly over powered. But that’s speculation on my part (wouldn’t surprise me if I am correct). I do like the designs of the swords. The plasma blades which sound like light sabers from star wars. Were pretty cool. I liked the ending, brand new world. Here’s to the next episode!!.

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