To infinity…..and beyond my wildest dreams!!!

I’d like to thank Sebastian from Seabastion’s blog for this award. You can check out his blog, which is pretty cool. A talented blogger on the up.

I’ve hit 50 followers on this blog, which is pretty surprising to me. And well I’ll be taking the liberty to give just a bit more info about myself in this award. Also


To the older followers (you know who you are), as they stuck with me. It means a lot :). To the new ones, I hope to create new friendships and links. And I hope to see all the blogs grow. As they pursue their aniblogging dreams. Let’s get started then.


  • List seven dreams. (They can be personal or website related.)
  • Nominate seven other bloggers/authors for this award and notify them.


01. Getting more work hours

I work part time, but unfortunately not enough hours. So I have to manage my budget, meaning that if I want something, I have to put it on hold. Sometimes this works in my favour, as I can shop around for it to be cheaper else where or wait till there is a price drop. You can say ‘why not try applying for other work places or even get a full time job‘. The thought has crossed my mind a lot of times. I don’t have any real complaints about the job I’m currently doing.

02. Starting up my own business

This has been on my mind since I was a youngster. But lacked the motivation and initiative. These days starting up your own business is pretty tough. This ties in with the above dream. Maybe someday.

03. Finishing off unfinished video games & anime backlog

I never seem to finish some of the games I start. With endless re-starts, it is never ending for me xDD. There are quite a few anime back logs, but they seem to just keep on growing. I’ll get through them all though…somehow.

04. Learning another language

I suck at languages. At the same time, I would like to learn them. And be competent at it.

05. Visiting different places

I would like to visit France, Italy, Germany and the USA. They fascinate me. I’d be a typical tourist. You can’t miss me, since I’d stick out like a sore thumb xDD. I do have a friend that has been to various places, so I am just a tiny bit envious of him. But his stories are always interesting.

06. Find a new pet cat

I had a pet cat for 17 years. His name was Thomas (how original xDD) The daft mog never really loved me, more like treated me like his own personal servant xDD. And got in to more scraps than I could count. But sadly he passed away two years ago. He contracted a leg tumour and coupled with old age, we decided to put him down. If I did have a new mog, I’d name him Lynx. No idea why.

07. Resuming in writing stories and becoming an author

Being an author was my ultimate dream, ever since I was kid. I used to write these stories which I never finished. The reason; my mind was consumed by continuous fantasies of other worlds, characters. I always dumped my current story for a new one. And then the cycle begins again. As I grew older, reality set in (which kind of ties in with 01). I looked at my stories and thought just how childish it was. But I never grew out of creating characters, even to this day. I was reading goosebumps, when one story caught my interest. From that story I created a character. His name; Bramble Thorn (I did come up with Bramble pumpskins). He is a pumpkin scarecrow. Who can control plants and has the power of darkness. He was made in to this ungodly powerful villain. Long story short, I might just return to this dream.


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** Kayla is on blogspot. You can leave a comment via the openid. To sign in and leave a comment via openid, where it says username. Use your blog name, for example me to sign in it will be inthecubbyhole. Tip: copy your comment first then, preview the comment. Verify that you’re not a robot and then post.

Other than Kyri, welcome these new and up coming bloggers.


8 thoughts on “To infinity…..and beyond my wildest dreams!!!

  1. Hi Rocco!!! Hmm, why not resume now as an author? After all, you’ve already got that interesting character in mind. That new cat name sounds really cool! *O* can i steal that name for one of my characters? And yes, thank you so much for nominating me! I haven’t really thought of my goals though so please give me until tomorrow to answer them OTL onegai shimasu..

    Liked by 1 person

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