The 3 Day Quote Challenge (Part 1/3) – sees the funny side of things

Well hello Mina : D, I would like to thank Matthew from Matthew903 in nominating me for the 3 day quote challenge. I’d like to say, I did this slightly differently. The actual quotes will be on separate posts (the quote posts are scheduled), this ties in to a new segment that will also be posted on a weekly basis. Tying them together just makes it more fun this way :D. Just to be clear; you’ll be getting 3 quotes for the challenge and then a weekly post upon completion of the challenge.


  1. Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  2. Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

My nominations:





7 thoughts on “The 3 Day Quote Challenge (Part 1/3) – sees the funny side of things

    1. You can use as many quotes as you want in one post, but it has to be one post per day (in total of 3 days). If you’re going to use multiple quotes in one post, I think it has to be from the same source (as in the person or series that said it). Pick which ever one(s) you find interesting, then post it for that day. Then the same for the next one and the next one. Nominating 3 new bloggers each time, you post.


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