First Impressions: The world is still beautiful

 Studio: Studio Pierrot

Director: Kamegaki, Hajime | Air Date: 06/04/2014

 Will the world be beautiful after viewing this shoujo anime???.

Hard to say at this point….

The series revolves around princess Nike (not the clothing company) of the Rain principality. Being betrothed or rather having an arranged marriage to Livius I, the king of the sun kingdom. The reason for this, is that the king would have conquered the small principality, if he did not get what he wanted. So to ensure the survival of her home, Nike agreed to this arrangement… or rather lost a rock, paper, scissor contest to her older sisters.

What ensures is a typical rom-com affair, with some political intrigue thrown in. Generally, I don’t really watch shoujo or rom-com for that matter. However this series caught my eye and I thought I’d give it a shot. Safe to say, it is pretty enjoyable. The main characters are enjoyable, and the story is okay for me. Which is pretty strange for me to say.

There are a few glaring issues that I do have with this series. Which I’m holding back for a potential review on this series upon completion.


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