CubbySoundHole: Log Horizon (Main theme) S2 edition

Get ready to pump up!!!. It’s another cubbysoundhole post!!. For this week, I’ve decided something that vaguely relates to JekoJeko’ post, which you can find it here: (expect my cookies in the post Jeko :P).

Log horizon S2 may have been lauded as been utterly slow and cumbersome in certain parts. With bad art, to boot. But that never threw me off as to what this series is all about. And the second edition of the original theme, just rocks!!!. It pumps me up whenever I listen to it, or when I play GW2.

The composer Yasuharu Takanashi, did an amazing job.

So without further ado, ladies and gents. I present to you LH main theme (2015) season 2 edition.

Enjoy : D.


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