CubbySoundHole: Razzmatazz – Froggy Mix: Cardcaptor Sakura opening

Hey up folks and welcome to another edition of Cubby sound hole. Well for this weeks pick, I went old-school, literally and metaphorically. I picked this one, a show that is quite dear to me. As I still have fond memories of this show. I even have some of the episodes recorded on VHS tapes (what are VHS tapes??) xDD.

This aired in the early 2000′ and it was one of few animes that aired in the UK (besides pokemon and monster rancher). I throughly enjoyed it, when it first aired. It was the second anime that introduced me to the magical girl genre (first being sailor moon).

The sound track has very little in terms of having any relation to card captors – other than having the word razzmatazz, which is generally associated with magical revealing (or something like that). But it is the second opening and way less corny than the first one.

So, without further ado. Ladies and gents, I give you: Razzmatazz – Froggy mix.


One thought on “CubbySoundHole: Razzmatazz – Froggy Mix: Cardcaptor Sakura opening

  1. Woah, I have an old VHS tape of this too that I would just watch and rewind over and over again as a youngster, regardless of the same 4 episodes! It was my second magical girl anime as well, first being my “Moongurl” as my sister calls her 🙂

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