Spring / Summer first impression: Classroom Crisis

Studio: Lay-duce

Director: Nagasaki, Kenji | Air date: 04/07/2015 | Priority: High-Medium


| From where I sit, you’re nothing but a rocket nerd / social misfit

– Kiryuu, Nagaisa Episode 3

What do you get when a conglamorate coporation starts running / owning meddling in education?.

Well Classroon crisis, seems to ask this very question. The class of A-Tec, short for advanced technological development department, educational department class (a long name for a department or class.) Are on the brink of being closed down. Due to over spending and poor budgeting. With the department bleeding the company money. They send in their top man to sort them out.

In comes Kiryuu Nagaisa. To help with the managing of the class / department. How will the cold, ruthless, bussiness savy, corporate groomed (soon to be CEO) Nagaisa fare with the free-spirited, hard working, annoying, some-what popular Sera Kaito, the classroom teacher of A-Tec. Who is hell bent on saving the class and students he so adores.

Kaito certainly is a foil to Nagiasa. As both come from two different worlds, litterally. Kaito representing the everyday hardworking man, whilst Nagiasa being the up-coming hot shot in the corporate world. Who knows how to get a “good deal” done, with little effort. Their interactions  and to an extent their relationship is a unique one, since Naigaisa is a transfer student and at the same time Sera’ boss. So it puts Sera in a very compromising position. But that still doesn’t stop him from addressing Kiryuu informally at times.

Kaito and Kiryuu certainly showed off a lot their character traits straight away, which draws you in immediately in to the show. Whilst the supporting characters are just wall flowers and don’t really develop as such. You don’t really get much expositon dump on them. Other than working at the A-Tec facilites and being students. Mizuki, Kaito younger sister and Iris. Show potential. Iris being the “Yuki Nagato” of the group. But being more reckless, than planning things out.

The show does have its comical moments. But the real crux of the show is the corporate dealings / politics in the background. And the future of A-Tec. The scary thing is, this parallels real life in many ways. As some companies are actually finding their way in education. And even running schools / academies.


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