Apologise for the absence mina :(

My bad for being less active this month mina :'(. I’ve been a bit busy with things and pretty tired. But now that my summer holidays are here. For the remainder of this month, I will be posting up some non-anime review posts. The reason for that is; I am contemplating of bringing over a feature I had on my other blog. And well, I am thinking of bringing back music videos from you tube / sound cloud that are anime openings / endings or OSTs. It won’t be as  frequent though.

To those that don’t remember or don’t know. I posted up a video link of a cross ange track. That video got taken down. In response to that, I created a sound cloud account in hopes of uploading any mp3, that I can get my hands on – being on my account giving me full control as to what happens. Well I’ll tell you first hand. The MP3s I have, will be converted to WAV. For those that are not audiophiles. Basically MP3 compress the file, thus losing a substantial amount of sound quality – in favour of saving space. WAVs are like RAWs. They don’t lose sound quality and bigger in file size. To give you a basic understanding of this. MP3 file size: 11.8MB. Same file but converted to WAV: 51.8 MB. That is the basic explanation I can give mina.


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