Spring / Summer first impression: Million Doll

Studio: Asahi Production

Director: Keiichirou, Kagawaguchi | Air date: 07/07/2015 | Priority: Low


Right, calling all anibloggers!!. Let’s make this series, the best anime that this season EVER aired. It’s fantastic, stupendous, breath taking singing and good dancing to boot!!. Gotta’ get the word out folks. How you’re asking??. Why through the power of our blogs!!!. And social media. Just like how this anime does it!!. So, are ya with me???!!!!

| Ryuu-san, you were right!. Mariko’s great

Some random dude, episode 2

…..just kidding. Million Doll, is about two otakus battling it out over their respective idols. Suuko is a very popular blogger and a shut-in (hikikomori). Whatever idol catches her eye, through the power of her blog. She makes them famous. Or rather garners them a lot of public attention. On this occassion, she went to a live concert and came across a group called Itorio. She hates “fake” fans or daredemo daisuki (likes anyone) or DD for short. A certain individual she particualr dislikes is Ryuu. Who attends concert and supports idols. But then drops them if he thinks they are going out of fashion. A shallow fan so to speak. His latest fandom is aimed at a young idol named Mariko. Who he wants to make popular via through the power of fandom. There seems to be some rivalry between Suuko and Ryuu. As he believes that Sukko made his favourite idol Hinama way too big for him.

What is interesting is the social aspect. The power through word of mouth v the power through social media. Which one will have the greater impact on these young idols and their futures – which could be the only positive thing going for it. As for the show. It was pretty boring, and pretty short. First episode being 8 mins whilst the second one being 4 mins. The opening is pretty weird. If you have time to spare and waste. This anime will help.

million doll - ryuu


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