Spring / Summer first impression: Charlotte

Studio: Key

Director: Asai, Yoshiyuki  | Air date: 05/07/2015 | Priority: Medium – High


Yuu Otosaka is our main protagonist. And he is one hell of an arrogant douche bag. He has the power to posses anyone, so long he has eye contact them on them (doesn’t need to be direct). This has a very short duration, lasting only 5 seconds. Rather than using this power for betterment of others. He turns out to be a selfish, somewhat vindictive individual. Only bettering himself.

| Why am I only myself, and not someone else?

– Yuu Otasaka, episode 1

The first episode is meant to introduce us to the main character, Yuu. And it did so, in a very unique way. Most powers in your traditional anime are granted through some plot device. Yuu however, has already obtained and using his powers freely. Which is interesting. Not only that, it quickly establishes his main characteristic. Being a very arrogant person. He couldn’t handle being dumped by a girl – he was in a state of shock. Which says alot.

The episode really does make you want to hate the Yuu. And it succeeds in doing that. However the other part of the episode was pretty much a shounen-type standard stuff. Other characters start to show up with their own unique powers. And engage with Yuu. Even having him transfer over from a prestigious school. So you can kind of see where they are going with this.

One thing that kept running through my mind, as I was viewing this. Yuu awfully looks alot like Lelouch from Code Geass. His power is even similar to Lelouch. Now, it would be unfair to compare this series to code geass. However, the similarites is almost uncanny. The rest of the cast will be looking to establish themselves. As of right now, wall flowers. Except Tomori. The silver haired girl. That stalked him.

It’s not a bad start. Where will this series go?. Have to see.

charlotte - dumped


9 thoughts on “Spring / Summer first impression: Charlotte

  1. I haven’t been following Charlotte since episode 5 but till now, I can put it up as interesting. The first episode broke through the generic shonen traditions and pulls one in tight…especially when you cannot figure out whether you like the MC or hate his guts. But the animation is super cool…after all, they are the ones that brought us Angel Beats.

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    1. It is interesting : D. With keys behind it, you can expect a decent story telling. I think the series is hampered by the mere fact that is only a 12-13 epi series.

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  2. I will say I enjoyed the second episode a lot more, maybe because I do not really like the type of main character they chose unless it was a comedy focused. I would say more, but I do not know if you saw the episode or not and want to avoid spoilers.


  3. It was interesting to see how easily Yuu’s megalomaniacal personality could be broken when people finally stood up to him, whether it’s a girl dumping him or being called out for his cheating. His personality at home is however a lot more relaxed and friendly. Rather than see him ‘change’ over the series, it looks like he’s going to get a grip quite quickly and have far more personal challenges, judging by what we got in the second episode.


    1. Thanks for the comment Jekojeko :D. Yeah it was interesting to see someone put Yuu in his place. For once. I haven’t seen the second episode yet xDD. Yeah I agree, his personality certainly shifted from a arrogant person in social places to a more relaxed and friendly one at home. Looking forward to the next episode xDD.

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