Spring / Summer first impression: Wakako-Zake

Studio: Office DCI

Director: Yamaoka, Minoru | Air date: 05/07/2015 | Priority: Medium

Plot / Synopsis:

Murasaki Wakako, who is 26 years old, loves going out alone to enjoy eating and drinking, especially when something unpleasant happens at work. This anime follows Wakako through many solitary outings, where she enjoys different combinations of food and drink!


This is a very short animation. About 2 mins and that’s including the opening. I’m going to quote what someone else said on this anime:

| Wow this was pretty deep for 2 mins. Shows how picky people are when it comes to relationships as friends etc. Even if the person likes what you like to 90%, the 10% will factor as a disapprove.

Psychologically, s/he has a point. That 10% can be a deciding factor, as to whether you will get along with that person or not. I watched this episode..twice. The second time to see if the commentator had a valid point. I observed Wakako. She was agreeing with one of the customer, as he ordered the salmon. The same thing she was having.  But he then ordered rice to go with it. In that instance, she took an immediate dislike. And promptly left. Just when the guy was about to make casual conversation with her. The animation is somewhat different. Especially the way Wakako is animated. Will the show have a deeper meaning?, probably. This entirely depends on Wakako’ behaviour. However mostly likely it won’t be picked up on though.


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