First Impressions: Dragon Ball (Chou) Super

 Studio: Toei  Animation

Director: Chioka, Kimitoshi | Air Date: 05/07/2015

So after 18 years, a new dragon ball series has arrived. And with fan fare no less.

A Cubbys view

The series resumes from the Majinn Buu saga. From where the series ends, there is a slight continuity error. Goku takes Uub as his student. And leaves Chi Chi, his sons, and his grand daughter Pan. That is the offical line, but from the new series stand point. This part is omitted entirely. And re-addresses itself as in-between this time line. Meaning that the series takes place before Pan was born. Just making sure that non-DB viewers are in the loop.

Here we see Goku now being a “working” father. Still being inept at being a good worker. But we get to see the peaceful life of Goku. Straight away the show establishes the main character of the series. From his quirks to his general attitude. This is sorely for new watchers of the series. And reinforcing why the fans of the show love the character.

What I really found interesting, was the fact as to just how much Hercule has changed. Sure he is still that bumbling idiot that likes to brag. And loves the spotlight. But he has become more aware and appreciative of the Z fighters. Especially to Goku and Vegeta. Where in one scene, he tried to give 100 million zenis to Goku. In a steel brief case. Goku rejected it initally, but the smarts of Gotenks comes in to place. He states that the only person that Goku truly fears….is his own wife Chi Chi. In Gotenks own words

| I think the most strongest person in the universe is mom.

– Gotenks, episode 1

Speaking of Gotenks. Gohan is engaged to Videl. So Gotenks wanted to do something nice for the young couple. Roping in his best friend, the young Trunks. Both look around for the best present – they end up getting her some clear spring water, to use on her face. The show pretty much focused on the two young boys and their little adventure.

dragon ball chou - goku 2

We do get to see the villian. A deity of the name Beerus. Who is so powerful, that at the tap of his finger, he can destroy a planet at his whim. In this case half a planet.

The whole point of the show is to (re)establish characters to anyone who is coming in to the series. And it does it fairly well. However the time-line can be somewhat problematic, as there were one or two movies inserted between the main series and this. To existing fans Beerus is already an established character, whilst returning or new comers, he is pretty much looking to be established.

Do I have hope for this series??. Pretty much so. As it started off strongly.


4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Dragon Ball (Chou) Super

    1. I haven’t seen the movies themselves, but from what I’ve been told, it essentially is the movies. And like you said, slowed down to establish exisiting characters.

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