Spring Anime Lineup Highlight

Well with the Spring line up pretty much finishing up. And with the Summer line up closely upon us. It’s time to get some general feed back on the shows that I’ve watched.

So let’s read on.

Arslan Senki

The show with the most hype around it. And it lives up to it. Being a war story at its core. It pretty much surprised me, how they delivered the story. Normally war stories are like Das boot, long winded and not really interesting. But this show pretty much kept me interested and enthralled with the show. The show does suffers from inconsistent art. Which is the only negative thing I can say. I’m also doing episodic reviews, which will resume at some point.


This show really surprised me. I wasn’t sure as to what to expect at first. The show centers around Amami Hibiki, a girl with sixth sense. Her friendly disposition is the main attraction of the story. As she interacts with and helps ghosts. The show is pretty mild paced. And episodic, so you can jump in and watch it, without being lost or over whelmed. One thing I will say, its pretty nice and fluffy. And it maintains that tone throughout. Which is pretty refreshing.

Owari no seraph

Where do I start with this. Had potential, had a good studio behind it. And well that’s all it had. Poor production values showing, some really bad writing and some really stereotypical characters. Shinoa being the only character, that I dare say is universally liked, I’ll push it and say Guren and Yoichiro. The bromance between Yuu and Mikae is a yaoi fan girls wet dream come true in a mainstream anime / manga. Entertaining enough though. Just didn’t live to my expectation. Second half of the show aires in the Autumn / Winter fall.

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

The show that I’ve eagerly waited for. And it didn’t disapppoint. As I’ve already did a review on this show. I’m not going to say much here. Just that at times the dialogues between the characters really did drag the whole thing out.

Plastic Memories

I dropped this show in about 2-3 episodes in. Such potential wasted. It should have stuck to what it was trying to be, at least it would have saved itself, and not become some chobits clone.


Better known as Is it wrong to pickup girls in a dungeon?. The series is blatantly an SAO clone. But in a funny way it has its charm. Which I kind of find it endearing. If you like your SAO fix, then it just might fill in the void.

Ore Monogatari

This show really took off for me. I’m not really in shoujo romcom. But this series did something different. Instead of the “pretty boy” getting the girl, you get a different looking guy getting the girl. The relationship between Takeo and Suna is always fun to watch. With Takeo being clueless and Suna just finding him hilarious.

Gunslinger Stratos

This show is just a wreck, when I first watched it. I really can’t give an explanation as to what the story is supposed to be telling. Maybe it has improved??.

Here are the shows that I didn’t get the time to watch, but did catch my attention.

  • Hibike! Euphonium – looked interesting from the get go.
  • Triage X – interesting enough. Will it maintain my interest?.
  • Kekkai Sensen – Kind of slipped my mind, to pick this up.
  • Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – mildly caught my attention.
  • Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo – looks interesting enough.

I know it’s not a huge list, but with the time I allocated to the shows, it was interesting. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch the shows that I’ve listed out at some point.

To give the Spring line up an overall rating. I give it:

Rating: C+

Thanks for reading, peeps : D.

2 thoughts on “Spring Anime Lineup Highlight

    1. Yeah, if you want a slow paced, fluffy and nice anime then Re-kan is a good choice. There are some comedic moments. Inoue’ reaction to the mere mention of ghosts are funny.

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