Spring / Summer lineup: Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Studio: Brains Base

Director: Nakano, Hideaki  | Air date: 03/07/2015 | Priority: Low

Plot / Synopsis:

When Hotaru moves into a new apartment alone, there’s a mysterious man standing nearby the apartment. Hotaru decides to confront the man, who turns out to live in the neighboring apartment. The next day at school, Hotaru’s best friend Kanae tells Hotaru that a host tricked her out of her money. When Hotaru goes to confront the host, he happens to be none other than Hotaru’s neighbor, Masamune?!


Another anime based off a manga, which I have no idea what it really is about. From the gist, it seems to be some sort of survival battle game. With the main characters gender not being what you’re all think. Not to my cup of tea.

You can watch the trailer here (if you can understand Japanese).

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