Episode [13] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Tigre is really depressed from the loss of Bertrand. Elen comes in to comfort Tigre. Tigre and Titta will be holding a funeral for Bertrand, once they get back to Alsace. Titta is also relieved to have Tigre back from his depression. Elen gives Tigre hints as to why Brune and Alsace was invaded by the Muzonellian army. It was to obtain more than just wealth and treasures. It opens up to trade routes, commerce, cultures and most of all, land. Everyone came to see Tigre. Gerald and Rudrick are arguing about who was being fidgety. But both are just worried about Tigre. The prime minister has come to see Tigre and co. It looks like the king has come around. The poison that Ganelon was administrating to the king has worn off or so it seems. The time has come to strike.

| Be quiet pipsqueak

– Elen

Tigre wants to battle Thenardier.  After the civil war in Brune is over, Tigre plans on going back to Zhcted as Elen’ prisoner. Mila and Elen squabble as to how Tigre will be treated. It turns out that Tigre is doing this all for the peace of Alsace. It turns out that there will be attempts made on Regin’ life. So they should make their way to Nice. With the group all understanding that this will be the final show down. Everyone is gearing up for it. Tigre certainly has stepped up as a main lead. Tigre leads the charge, with the two war maidens at his side. Regin is worried about everyone. But lord Marshas assures her, that she shouldn’t worry. With Regin as the figure head or high supreme commander. Lim and Marshas discuss just how clumsy Thenardiers forces are. The battle is fierce. It turns out that Thenardier isn’t with his main force. The show down between Tigre and Thenardier.  The whole reason Thenardier attacked Alsace was to prevent any interference from Zchted. If it wasn’t Thenardier, then it would have been Ganelon doing it. Both seem to have some history with Zchted. Mila is shocked by this revelation. Tigre is having none of it. As Tigre draws his bow and focuses on drawing more power from the black bow. Elen comes up to him and punches him in the face. It appears that the reason Elen punched was to snap him out of it. She can sense that the bow, whilst not evil should not be used for vengeance. As Tigre was slowly becoming intoxicated with the thought of it. He was slowly losing himself to it. This worked. As Tigre is going to face Thenardier as himself. He will only need one arrow. To take down Thenardier. Elen has belief that Tigre can do it. Thenardier charges recklessly at Tigre. Tigre lets his arrow sail  in to Thenardier’ forehead. Thenardier is dead. The war is over. Tigre and Regin are in the capital and there is much for celebration. Tigre is given as the highest title in the land Lumiere “knight of the moon light”.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • This is the second title given to Tigre.
  • The bearer of the title Lumiere is hinted to be the next king and unifying the vanadis.
  • The current king has passed on, meaning Regin will be the next ruler in charge.
  • Tigre wanted more power so he focused on gaining it through the black bow.
  • First time that Elen physcially hits Tigre.

Well as the last episode it wasn’t too bad. The episode showed that Tigre has some really good allies / friends around him. As they stood by him, in time of need. Elen deeply cares for him. The last fight between Thenardier and Tigre was pretty much a full circle, of how it all started for Tigre. So it see him come this far is pretty good. The bickering between Elen and Mila are still pretty funny. With Lim being exasperated by it all. Tigre did look uncomfortable in his regal attire. And sitting next to Regin. Which annoyed Elen and Mila. The bearer of the title Lumiere is hinted to be the next king. But its not elaborated on. A nice little end, that wraps everything up.


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