Sun shine is blinding: The Sunshine blogger award

^________^; I don’t normally do to well with awards. Nerves kick in xDD. But the excellent anime reviewer Takuto @ nominated me. And I’m deeply honoured that he did :). A great blogger friend, who has oodles and oodles of potential of being a great reviewer. Reading his review is always a pleasure. Hope it goes on from strength to strength.

Well here goes me answering the questions fired at me xDD.

1. Do you prefer anime films or series?

I prefer series. More time for development and world building. Whilst being able to pick a favourite character that can I relate to. With films, you are limited – but still enjoyable. However the budget for films, I find is much higher than TV series.

2. Why do you write on your blog?

This is an interesting one. I used to write fantasy stories since I was a kid. However I stopped writing them as I got much older. So writing has always been a “thing” to me. You could say I never got out of it, but redirected it in another way – so naturally blogging would be the obvious course. Funny thing is I still get ideas for stories, even characters but nothing is ever put down in writing – at most mental notes are made.

3. Gun fights or sword showdowns?

Yipes, another tough one for me. I love sword fights. It has always been one of my favourite things. Whether it was in cartoons or movies. When I used to write (see above) I always had my main protagonist have a sword. Even my alter ego that I made up (in stories), had a sword and even what type of attacks he had etc. When I was a kid, I had no interest in gun fights. But these days I don’t mind them. When I do have an idea for a character, he tends to lean towards a range fighter. Even when I play MMO’ I head towards the gun class (if there is one).

4. What was the last anime character that you related deeply to, if any?

Archer from the fate stay night. I’ve always related to him. Following & believing an ideal so heavily, only to see it fall apart right in front of you. You feel like the very thing you believed in betrayed you. And that is what his own ideal did to him. The next character I would say is Haruyuki Arita from Accel World.

5. What’s your opinion on this spring anime season – simulcasts?

A mixed bag with some hidden gems. Stand outs so far are; Arslan senki, FSN: UBW, Re-kan, Oremonogatari and is it wrong to pick up girls in dung.

6. How do you juggle between real life and blogging commitments?

I would be considered a casual-blogger. I post when I can. And when I do, I schedule my posts, for the most part. I pretty much have a date and time as to when my post go up.

7. At this exact moment, what anime and episode are you on/watching, if any?

Tough one, I’m watching multiple series. Off the bat, Aldnoah on episode 22.


And there you have it. Some questions asked by Takuto. I thank him again for nominating me.


Joe from: The reviewer’s corner

Andreia from: SimplyHazel1

The Judge from: The Otaku judge

Lea from: Icysquirrel

Zeik from: Zeiks Anime Reviews

TPAB from: The Pantless Anime Blogger

The otakulist from: The Otakulist Reviews

RSR from: Ramen Soup Reviews

Questions for the nominees (in no particular order)

  • What race / class / proffession would you play in an MMO. If you don’t play an MMO, which one would like to play as? (pick any MMO).
  • Where do you see yourself in the future?.
  • What anime world draws you in, or you find it immersive?. And would you live in it?.
  • If you had to choose, which anime food would you cook. If you can’t, which one would you like to cook?.
  • What anime character traits do you find off putting?.
  • If you could drive any vehicle (fantasy, anime or in real life) what would it be?.
  • If you had a fantasy weapon, what would it be and what would the name of the said weapon be?.

If you’ve already been nominated for the award, then no problem. You can just answer the questions on the comment section below.

See you around peeps : D


2 thoughts on “Sun shine is blinding: The Sunshine blogger award

  1. Thanks for the kind words and thanks also for answering my questions! Had a good time reading, especially when I noticed the presumably unintentional abbreviation for Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, where you put something like “is it wrong to pick up girls in dung” – dung as in “poo!? Haha, just messing around and thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. I enjoyed playing a Paladin in WOW and a Necromancer in DAOC. I’d therefore pick a healer or summoner class.

    2. Pretty much where I currently am. I recently bought a house so I don’t plan on moving anytime soon.

    3. I thought the Psycho Pass world was captivating stuff. I wouldn’t want to live there because the authorities monitor you like a hawk and even police what you think.

    4. Anything from Food Wars. I’d like to cook stuff that makes women lose their clothing haha.

    5. Bland harem protagonists are dull so a lack of traits is what I find off putting.

    6. A giant mech would rock. Not sure where I would park it though.

    7. The amulet of cloning. I could then send a clone to work and stay home watching TV.

    Liked by 1 person

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