Episode [12] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

The girls head over to Tigre’ tent. Where they see him passed out on the floor sleeping. Elen contemplates the best way of waking up Tigre. Elen settled with the idea that she will sit on top of him and give off a hostile aura or bloodlust. This naturally awakens Tigre. As he sends Elen on the floor and searches for his weapon. Then realising that he has grabbed Elen’ breast shocking everyone in the vicinity. Elen didn’t mind it at all. During the meeting, they are discussing as to what they want to do. Tigre still wants to go to Artesium. By going under the city, they can establish Regin as the rightful heir to the throne. And they will have just cause, to do so. And that it will denounce Thenardiers claims. By heading out to ‘Charles’ Saint-Groel the holy grotto. There are 3 routes to get to the grotto. Through the centre in the city, on the outskirts through a temple or through a cemetery. By the looks of it, they are using the temple route, as it’s closer to them. Bertrand wants to go with Tigre and Elen. He is attached to the young lord. Elen is joining in the group. Tigre instructs Elen that should anything happen Regin and herself are priority to escape. Mila is surprised by the trust and strong bond the two have.

The temple is small. But the scenery is really nice to look at. They move the statue to reveal a hidden staircase that leads underground. It turns out that the passage way was used as an escape tunnel. Regin gives a small back drop on the history of Brune as to what it used to be. A strong hold for the small noble families that lived there. They come across a murial depicting a battle. It is said that the dragons were battling the old gods. And that the only beings capable of harming the gods were the dragons. But not all the gods were doing battle with the dragons. Thenardier has shown himself. And he plans on intercepting the group. A battle has ensured between the two group. Clearly Tigre and co are outnumbered. Elen and Thenardier square off against each other. With Steed, Thenardiers champion sent to dispose of Tigre and co. Steed is killed in the cave in. Along with Bertrand. The old servant served his master right to the end. Tigre is visibly shaken by this loss. As he holds his dear servants hand, comforting him till he passes on. The old man speaks highly of Tigre and is proud to be his surrogate father figure. Elen leads Regin and co to the capital. Still worried for Tigre. When they see a black beam shooting upwards. Elen is relieved to see it, as it confirms Tigre’ survival.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Your typical bathing scene were the main vanadis are having a girly moment.
  • Thenardier fought the group for the first time in the series
  • Tigre and co went to a small temple. To get to Charles’ Saint-Groel holy grotto
  • Regin gave a small history on Brune fiefdom.
  • Tigre didn’t need a vanadis to activate his black bow.

This episode was the first time we see a character that is dear to Tigre die. The episode also gave a small history on the fiefdom of Brune. It felt like they were kind of building the world a bit more. The fight scene with Thenardier was okay. Though how he swung a great sword at Elen with ease, is a mystery for me. Steed was like a robot. Not  so surprising. Steed is Thenardier champion. The death scene regarding Bertram and Tigre was actually touching. Since Bertram litterally brought him up. Tigre in response sees him like a father figure. With one more episode left, its a shame that this series was pretty short.


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