Episode [11] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Elen and Mila have a discussion with each other. It seems Elen was slightly concerned about Mila and Tigre. Mila notes that Elen has grown or matured. Elen has regrets that she didn’t show up in time to support Tigre or Mila. Mila just brushes off Elens taunts and states that the king wants her to keep an eye on Elen – and that Tigre owes a debt to her. Mashas, Lim and Tigre are having a meeting when Bertrand interrupts them and brings in Regin. Mashas is stunned to see her. The shocking revelation, Regin is in fact Regnas Estelle Loire Bastien de Charles. By the reaction from all three, it sounds like Regin is some sort of royalty. Mashas faints at the news. Tigre addresses Regin as “his highness”. Tigre compliments Elen as he trusts her completely, this makes Mila jealous. And exasperates Lim.  Queens ascending to the throne is usually very low. So that is the reason why she posed as a boy. For her mother’ sake.

Elen remarks that is Regin going to develop breasts like Lim. This makes Lim uncomfortable and annoyed, as Elen is poking fun at the size of them. Tigre and Mila are not amused. Elen also states that by revealing Regin is alive along with her gender, this will further Thenardier and Ganelon case and they will be playing right in to their enemy’ hands. It turns out that Tigre bathed Regin. But has no recollection of it from the looks of it. Elen notes that Regin wasn’t one bit concerned that Tigre could have taken advantage of her and let her leave without saying a word. They will be making an expedition to Artesium. To have Regin be acknowledged as a child of the royal family. Thenardier has about 5 dragons. At his disposal. With the dragons on Thenardier side, Ganelon army are easily wiped out. Sofy is in council with the king, he wants Elen to return if it warrants it. Ganelon would rather see his capital burn than to have Thenardier take control of it. Tigre and co stick to the plan and head out to Artesium. There they clash with Thenardier’ forces. Elen and Mila deal with the dragons. Both of them complimenting each other attacks. Elen and Mila are struggling against the last two dragons. And one of them can shield itself against their attacks. In one of its attack, it nearly hit Mila but Elen came to the rescue and saved her. But in the process sustained injury. This causes concern for Mila. However by mid noon. Both armies retreated. Elen and co are in discussion as to why Elen and Mila attacks had no effects on the dragons. The two armies face off each other again. It was all up to Elen and Mila to take the fight to the two remaining dragons. Both of the war maidens struggled at first, but surprisingly they work well with each other. Supporting each other. The last dragon was left standing . Elen and Mila work to bring it down. With Mila acting as decoy whilst Elen launched a surprise attack from above. And then proceed to use Ley Admos. With that attack, the last dragon was slain. Both war maidens are exhausted from the battle with the dragon. As both war maiden rested, they both showed absolute faith in Tigre abilities as a leader.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Regin full name is Regnas Estelle Loire Bastien de Charles.
  • Tigre has met Regin before.
  • Elens and Mila attacks had no effects on the dragon because of the chain they were wearing.
  • Mashas fainting was funny.
  • A vanadis called Valentina entered Tigres room, whilst he was sleeping.
  • Regina had to disguise her gender.

An interesting episode and one where it had Elen and Mila actually working together and putting their differences aside, for once. The reason why Regin had to disguise her gender and pose as a boy. Wasn’t that uncommon during them times. Women had it rough. And were mostly seen and not heard. And had very little claim to the throne, regardless of the fact that they were heirs to the throne. An okay episode, the fight with the dragons was quite interesting and not as dry as most fights tend to be.


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