Episode [10] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

The Muozinellean army have arrived at their destination. With Tigre and co looking down upon their foes from a hill. Tigre army throw spears and rocks at Barbarossa army every time they get too close. Barbarossa is planning on using the slaves as hostages in order to see what Mila will do. The remaining slaves that have escaped they are being chased by the Muozinellean army. When Mila and co attack. It turns out, that the escaping slaves turn out be ruses, they are in fact Rurick and some of the men. They join in the foray. Mila is impressed by Tigre ability with the bow. The refugees were the ones that helped to give the impression that Mila and Tigre were the ones that were on the guarded hill top, but in fact they were on the unguarded one. Hence why they were able to do a surprise attack. One of the refugee is putting a lot of faith in Tigre’ plan.

| “A vulnerable, happy go lucky boy”

– Lim

Kureys, wants Mila as a conquest or booty. Tigre and Mila are not backing down. Tigre and Mila know they are outnumbered but continue on to fight. Revealing their motivations as to why. This inspires Mila to have more faith in Tigre. Together they will fight as partners. An army of knights appear. A knight is looking for Tigre. Mila notifies him as to where they are in the battlefield. The knight introduces himself as Emile. The order of Perche have come to Tigre’ aid. Several other orders are now willing to follow Tigre in to battle and serve under him. Roland’ death was not in vain. This rallied other orders in to assisting Tigre. Tigre is touched by the sudden support he is getting. With Kurey envoy lauding it large about Tigre. And giving him the nickname Silvrash (shrugs at the name). Mila looks like she is about to burst out laughing since Tigre has just fallen asleep from it all. Tigre is really tired and lands on Mila. The fight took a lot out of him. Mila praises him, whilst he is sleeping. Gerald walks in on the tent where Tigre is sleeping. He just smiles as he sees both Tigre and Mila sleeping together. Mila hears Elen coming as she congratulates Tigre on a fine victory. So she picks up Tigre and gets all cosy with him. Taunting Elen. Elen is surprised to see Tigre and Mila so close. Elen is not happy. Rurick and Gerald are not seeing eye to eye. And now Mashas has encouraged Titta to head on over to the tent where he is sleeping. Roland’ death did nothing, but to motivate everyone in to helping Tigre. Milla deliberately provokes Elen in to a reaction, asking Tigre for some hot delicious tea. And asks Tigre to start calling her “Mila”. This does not sit well with Elen at all. Elen praises Tigre for his new found leadership.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Tactics used by Tigre, was similary used by King Harold of his conquest of England.
  • Tigre showing signs of improving as a leader.
  • The Muozinellean army failed in each attempt to conquor Brune.
  • Tigre was given the nickname of Silvarash.
  • Mila and Elen fight over Tigre.

This episode focused more on co-operation and how well Tigre handled it. And he handled it really well. Lim best describes Tigre from the start. To see Tigre improve so much in a short amount of time, is a good thing for the show. As the series needs a strong male character, and so far Tigre has been nothing but a wet blanket. Walked all over by the females in the series. The fight that Mila and Elen have is an indication as what they really feel towards the clueless Tigre. But veiled really well.


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