Spring / Summer first impression: Is it wrong to pickup girls in a dungeon?

Studio: JC. Staff

Director: Yamakawa, Yoshiki | Air date: 15/04/2015 | Priority: High

Conclusion: Well I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this series. So when I took a gander at it. It was pleasently surprising, to say the least.

Is it wrong to pick up a girl in a dungeon focuses on Bell Cranel. His patron deity Hestia and the odd-sortment of adventurers that join him. Or his “familia”. Or lack there of.  Anyway, the city of Orario, has this massive labryinth underground or “dungeon” as they call it. Adventures wander down there, for riches, fame, glory, honour etc. However no ordinary adventures can just wander down there. They need a familia or “family” and a deity to be their patron. As they battle in the dungeon, they level up so to speak.

The adventures have their stats engraved on their back in the form of a tatoo. And their patron deity are the only ones that can reveal the stats on their back and transfer it over on a piece of paper. They call it growth. With Bell however, it is a an entirely different thing. Bell has an hidden skill, which allows him to level up really quickly – depending on how strong his feeling is at the time. From what was an amatuer adventure, to a more seasoned adventure. But still green around the ears.

If you like Kirito, Tomoyah Aki from Saekano, Sora from NGNL, Lubbock from Akame ga kill.. then Bell Cranel is no different – since his seiyuu is none other than Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. Voicing a naive, sweet & kind male character who certainly gets alot of the girls interests or if you want to put in a better way; a harem. Can be somewhat linear. Since you can pretty much say he is your typical male “hero”. That gets all the girls.

His deity Hestia is one of the best. Always flat broke, with little power and no familia (at the start) and being a typical tsundere. Bell is her first member of her familia. She is depicted as a loli-boob goddess. Which is just pure hilarious. However her blatant romantic feelings for Bell actually makes their relationship work. As her attempts to keep Bell all to herself, backfires.

We meet other female characters as well, who just happen to take a liking to Bell. There are other deities and their familias. As the series progress, we get to know them and their interactions / relationships with Bell and Hestia.

The series in my opinion reminds me a lot of SAO Alfheinem arc. In fact if that arc was to deviate from the main story, you’d actually get this (loosely). Maybe because of Yoshitsugu voicing Bell makes me think like that.

The series is pleseant to watch, with the comical sides. To the adventuring sides. To the romantic side. It has a fair bit of things for everyone. So it won’t dissapoint to say the least.


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