Episode [09] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Elen and Mila having a fight, whilst throwing insults at one another. When their fight is interrupted by Sasha. She challenges both of them to a fight, stating that if she loses then she will do whatever both of them want her to do for the rest of the day. Elen and Mila temporally team up and attack Sasha, but with very little effort she beats them both. It is evidently clear that Sasha is the strongest. She encourages Elen and Mila to make up and shake hands. They do so reluctantly. Elen and Lim visit Sasha who is bed ridden. It turns out another vanadis by the name of Elizaveta Fomina is invading Sasha territory. It turns out that Elizaveta and Sasha were working together, fighting some pirates when Elizaveta made a compliant to Sasha. Stating that it was Sasha’ doing in forcing the pirates towards her forces – with inconclusive evidence found in her reports. This lead to a break down in their communication by mid Autumn. It seems that Elen doesn’t see eye to eye with Elizaveta. Elen is eager to drive Elizaveta out. Sasha is relieved to hear Elen is helping her out. A discussion involving Tigre cropped up. Lim was mystified as to how Elen can make such a claim that he was the one needing a hand. And pointed out that she needed his help just as much. Elen teases Lim about the whole breast poisoning incident.

| ‘Ignoble boor’

– Ludomila Lourie

The Muzinol army hasn’t left Brune. The leader of the Muozinel army wants to make a treaty with Mila. If she is beautiful then send an envoy bearing gifts, if not then come back empty handed. Mila is negotiating with Tigre. From first hand she can see that Tigre is a genuine person, but also seems to think he is an idiot. But likes his honesty, so she gave him a pass. But wants to see what he can offer her in return. Elizaveta seems to be making her move. Elen and Elizaveta are in a standoff. Something seems to be bothering Lim. It is revealed that Lim had a private conversation with Sasha. Sasha is concerned that Elen path and choices will lead to her demise. The battle between Elen and Elizaveta is kicking off. Elen does not want to be addressed by her nickname. But Elizaveta doesn’t mind being called Liza. Some issues between these two are evident here. Lim is encouraging Legnica men onwards to victory. The battle between Elen and Liza are not easing up one bit. Each one firing their strongest attacks. But it all ended up in an even fight. So it seemed, but it was Liza that was pushed back. She informs Elen that Thenardier and Ganelon were readying their soldiers. And they were just playing chess with each, keeping each other in check, so to speak. Ganelon has made his move. She also informs her of the Muozinel army invading Brune. This startles Elen greatly. A non-aggressive treaty between the two were made. For a year. The two armies leave. Mila is dictating the strategy, Tigre notices similarities between her and Elen. The enemy leader is named Kureys Shahin Balamir or “Barbaros” for short.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Alexander Alshavin, Sasha for short is a long time friend of Elen and Lim.
  • Sasha’ territory is called Legnica.
  • The other vanadis that is mentioned is Elizaveta Fomina.
  • Sasha seems to have some degree of control over the other vanadis. As noted the battle between Elen and Mila.
  • Sasha is very sick. And for the most part is bed ridden.

The fight between the two vanadis was just dry. Even when they were hitting each other with their strongest attacks, it was just so lacklustre. Not to mention the fight was so quick. They fought then made up. Like that. As if nothing has happended, which makes the whole thing almost redundant. The most memorable part was when Elen and Mila were fighting each other. And trading insults at each other. Elen called Mila sawn off runt, whilst my favourite is from Mila. Sasha quickly became my favourite for some reason. Even though she did nothing of particular note in the episode.


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