Episode [08] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

The battle with the knights of Navarre has ended. A treaty between the two armies now exists. With Roland now heading off to the capital of Brune. He rejects any notion of ill feelings found towards him in the capital, raised by Tigre. It is clear that Thenardier and Ganelon have control of the capital. A messenger arrived for Elen with grave news. A dear friend and fellow vanadis named Alexandra Alshavin or Sasha for short. Her territory is under attack by another vanadis. Sasha suffers from a debilitating disease which keeps her bed ridden. Her own dragon gear refuse to leave her. Roland is lured in to a trap. A room filled with thousands of bees. With Sofy, Elen and Lim making their own way. Rurick makes a very light hearted comment to Tigre. Complimenting him on sending all three women off with a smile. A plundering army heralding from the nation of Muozinel, a nation that still actively has slavery in place.

Tigre is in a dilemma with Muzoinel marching forwards, and with Thenardier and Ganelon making their moves, he is unsure.  Tigre has decided in order to avoid a national crisis, he has moved his men south east. Gerald a noble son, seems to be the typical ladies man and has joined Tigre. Tigre spots some men chasing a young girl. He quickly dispatches the men. Hmmm…the Muzoinel army look a bit suspect to me. The Muzoinel leader deducted that what Tigre sent was a decoy, of about 200 men. In reality they have 2,000 men. Tigre and Qasim square off against each other. Qasim had the upper hand with the number advantage. Tigre is disgusted with the method of the Muzinellan army. And decides that death is waiting for them instead. Tigre and his men engage in a fierce battle. Qasim being an arrogant leader, underestimates Tigre’ ability with the bow. As Tigre aims for a shot. And with such precision, actually hits his target. Right in the head. However their backs are really against it, with an army that is close to 40,000. They had no choice but to make a fast get away. However they were intercepted. Tigre took some of his men to engage with the enemy force ahead. However they were relentless in their pursuit. Just then Tigre spotted another re-enforcement. It was no other than Mila.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • The leader of the invading army is called Qasim.
  • The Muzinellan army are in fact a reference to the Persian army.
  • The Muzinellan empire still uses slaves. Whilst the Western kingdoms have abolished it.
  • Alexander Alshavin or Sasha was introduced. But is bed ridden, due to a disease.
  • Roland is killed by Ganelon.

It was a shame to kill off Roland, I thought he had a lot of potential. But it might have been done to help Tigre develop a lot faster, since he temporaily took control of the silver metor army. Sasha is an interesting character. The Muzinellan army are in fact a reference to the Persian army. Their looks is a dead give away. And they also utilise large numbers to overwhelm their opponets. Which historically they actually did use. Over all the episode was an interesting one as it put Tigre on the spot light.


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