Episode [07] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Roland decides to challenge her. With a mighty swing of Durandal, he breaks Sofy magical barrier. This in turn shocks Sofy. She has a small scuffle with Roland. But she uses one of her abilities to teleport away. Mashas turns up and drives Roland and his men away. It turns out that Mashas was help up in the capital, by some assassins. It was only due to Sofy untimely appearance, that was she able to help Mashas. It is also to be noted, the king of Brune has lost his mind with grief. Thenardier and Ganelon are aware of this, and have ultimately taken over the castle. Issuing out orders “under the kings name”. They are the ones responsible for setting Roland on Tigre. Elen attention diverts back to Tigre. He isn’t doing well, on top of his injury he has developed a fever. Titta is nursing him the best she can.

Thenardier has sent out a force to take control of Alsace. Roland is suspicious of this behaviour. But proceeds with the “order” anyway. Tigre has shown signs of recovery. Whilst not fully healed, he heads out with Titta to some field. The black bow takes them to a hidden temple. Elen and co head out to face Roland once again. Leaving behind all their injured soldiers. Roland decides to use a crescent formation, this way they can chip away at Elens formation. Back at the temple, Tigre and Titta stumble upon a carving of a woman. Titta recognises her as Tir na Fa. A goddess. Tir is now testing Tigre with the bow. She wants Tigre to shoot Tir/Titta. If he does and the bow acknowledges him, then she will give him power. Tigre has no choice, so he takes up his bow against his childhood friend and maid. Tigre takes aim, but as always decides he rather have their clothes ripped to shreds and not kill them. Tigre is riding in to battle. Roland somehow frees himself from Ley Admos. Shocking both Sofy and Elen. Tigre launches an arrow from a great distance, surprising Roland. Who is astonished by the distance he fired it from. Roland questions Tigre about the treaty of Zchted and Alsace. Tigre wound has opened up again, this concerns Elen greatly. But aids him in firing a shot to Roland to settle the score. Roland is defeated.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Tir is the goddess of night, darkness and death
  • The bow may come from her, as she is the one that has holds certain power over it.
  • Roland broke through Ley admos.
  • Sofy and Elen teamed up to face Roland.
  • Roland is the only adversary that faced two vanadis on equal footing.

With the show now speeding along, we get to see Tigre becoming more of a lead MC. We do see just how strong Roland really is. As he easily faced Sofy and Elen head on and almost beat them, if it were not the timely intervention of Tigre. However Roland still takes the lead as the main man here, Tigre is just a boy -joke-. The fight was okay, nothing outstanding. The introduction of the goddess was an interesting point. How much of an influence she will play in the series, only time will tell.



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