Episode [06] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

The siege on Tatara citadel is going to plan, Elen is leading the charge.  As the two start to battle one another, Tigre is reminded the stark difference between him and them. In terms of power and skill. The battle was a fierce one, but in the end it ended as a stalemate. But before either one could continue their fight, an assassin made his way to both maidens. Tigre killed him with a shot to the head. For his troubles, Mila deducted that he was Urs. And proceeded to give him a slap to the face. Tigre and Mila patched up their difference. Mila declared neutrality, thus ending the 80 year connection between her family and Thenardier.

| The silver meteor storm

– Titta

A month has passed since the battle in Olmutz, with Alsace having new allies in order to defend herself. So Tigre sets out west, in hopes of establishing a base of operations there. The march west took it’s time. As Elen and co rest up. She is trying to get Lim to pronounce her armies name. Titta is proudly saying “the silver meteor storm”. Lim is not happy about this chastisement. Nor the name, for that matter. Tigre not wanting to get in to this little debate, gets dragged in regardless, with Lim actually telling him to stick up for his opinions a lot more. Lim is steadily becoming a favourite of mine. Tigre is wanted for treason against the crown an so a warrant for his arrest is put out. His title as nobleman are to be stripped. And Alsace under the kings control. The Navaare are on the move. Both armies have taken up positions in the orange plains. Roland wielding the sword durandal leads the charge against the silver meteor storm. Elen had no choice but to engage with the strongest knight in all of Brune. Roland charges at Tigre, who narrowley avoids his sword. And fires an arrow upwards. Elen and Tigre are now fleeing. Roland gives chase to them, when his horse is killed. However the plan didn’t go as smoothly. Tigre was gravely injured. With him lying unconscious, and Elen stuck. Sofy comes to aid her. With Elen retreating, this marks a first defeat for Elen and her army.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Roland is named after the legendary hero in the epic poem of Charlemagne.
  • This marks Elen’ first defeat in battle
  • Durandal is Roland’ weapon
  • Elen was reluctant to use Ley Admos on humans
  • Mila ends her families 80 year connection to Thenardier

This episode showed a more aggressive side to Elen. As she went up against Mila. And Tigre was shown as to why he had little chance of victory against Elen back in the beginning. We all see the most typical knight you can imagine. Roland. Maybe he is modeled after the famed knight in history?. Roland leads the order of Navaare. An elite order of knights. Thenardier manipulated the king in order to label Tigre as an insurgent. Hence why the elite order was sent out after him. This shows just how badly Thenardier wants him out of the way. The small clash with Roland and Sofy was intersting. As it shows that Sofy isn’t some clumy, air head. And that she is more capable than she lets on.


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