Episode [05] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Tigre offers his food to Mila, which she excepts. Elen is not happy about the kind treatment she is getting. So she and Tigre have a “lovers’ quarrel”. Whilst Mila acknowledges that Tigre is a good man, she doesn’t think he is good at anything else. Elen seems to think otherwise. Elen advises Lim to increase their border patrol. For she thinks Mila might be thinking of initiating a surprise attack. Elen discusses any tactics they can use, Tigre wants to get involved with the battle. With her army sandwiched between Thenardier and Mila forces, Elen had no choice but to engage with Mila. It is revealed that Mila and her family have a long connection to Thenardier. As it spans for about 80 years. And Mila does not want that connection to be severed under her watch.

The battle is fierce, upon the snowy plains. But the battle ended in a stalemate. It turns out that the small scuffle between the two forces was only to see how Tigre found them. Elen also reveals that Mila favours defence, despite being more aggressive. It appears that Mila tricked Elen out. In the Tatara mountains, there is a fortress – owned by Mila. And it appears to be very well defended. Making it very difficult for an army siege to take the citadel. Elen siege was unsuccessful. Her army were forced to retreat, whilst Mila and her forces withheld their ground. Lim tried to calm down Elen from taking any reckless actions – as this frustrated Elen. As she sought some assistance from Tigre. Tigre is trekking Mila through the snow plains. Whilst being under a bear skin. Tigre manages Mila to open up to him. She isn’t really happy about shouldering the responsibility of being a war maiden. Not to mention, being allies with people she hates. He tracks her foot prints. Which leads to the citadel. He brings back Elen, and together they make an assault on it. The door was guarded by strong magic. Not even Ley Admos could break through. But with the of help Arifar. Tigre creates an opening with his bow.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis - Street food

Point of interest:
  • Mila inherited her vanadis weapon Lavias.
  • She is also adepted at using the bow.
  • Leitmeritz and Olmutz have been on bad terms with each other for a long time.
  • Lourie family have a long standing relationship with Thenardier.
  • Mila likes tea. As she has a tea set with her, wherever she goes.
  • According to Elen she is 2-1 up on Mila. Mila says it is the other way around.

This episode focused more on Mila. It gave her some development & backstory. It shows us that Mila isn’t that stuck up as she is first shown. It certainly breaks her down as the episode progress. When she opens up to Tigre. What Tigre realises is that Mila is unhappy with the way her family positions itself with people that are questionable. And that she has to uphold that position, or face disgracing the Lourie family name. It is also noted that her weapon, Lavias was passed down her family for 80 years. I certainly think that Mila is an interesting character. And she adds that “spice” to the show. Not to mention, enlarging Tigre’s harem. Her rivalry with Elen is quite amusing to watch.


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