Episode [04] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Elen is heading back to the capital leaving Tigre. Tigre and Titta are heading out to commune. The invading army of Ganleon and Thenardier withdrew from Alsace. This brought peace to Alsace. For the time being. Lord Thenardier is furious that his army lost and with Ganleon withdrawing, frustrated even him more. Elen is reprimanded for her actions. But is saved by one of her other vanadis, from further repercussion. Ludmila Lourie starts an argument with Elen. Another vanadis. Elen likes to poke fun at Mila’ breast development. Sofy quells Mila and Elen quarrel, by hitting them on the head.

| “Thenardier and his bunch doing a jig for joy

– Ludamila Lourie

Mila has an acquaintance with Lord Thenardier. A small back drop is given about Mila. This goes way before her birth. Tigre wishes to face Lord Thenardier. Tigre is fulfilling his fathers and his own desire of protecting Alsace, irrespective of him being a feudal lord. His friend and close ally Lord Mashas headed out to the capital. Tigre is going from land to land to get more allies. Should Thenardier or Galeon attack again. Tigre is shocked to find out that Alsace will be confiscated, to appease the king, due to Elen reckless actions. However, it will fall under her control. Elen lightly mocks Tigres inability to understand the etiquette of “political” nobility. Everything must be done in Zchted interests first. Elen explains that the king and then the war maidens are above the nobility. They leave the mansion, but soon attacked by assassins. Lim ended up getting bitten by a venomous snake. Tigre ended up sucking the poison out. Both Elen and Tigre are concerned for Lim as they take her to a doctor.

 Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Ludamila Lourie shortened name is “Mila.”
  • Elen and Mila have a fierce rivalry with each other.
  • The relationship between Mila and Thenardier is strained at best.
  • The Vanadis are above the nobility.
  • The capital of Zchted is Silesia.
  • Sofy is another vanadis that was shown in this episode.

The episode was pretty much world building at best. It didn’t have much going for it, till towards the end. When Thenardier sent out some assassins to go after Tigre. But it didn’t go according to plan as Lim ended up being bitten by a venomus snake. This had Tigre suck out the poision. Which was an interesting way to say the least. He could have accidently drank the blood and poisined himself.  It is a running rivalry between Mila and Elen to take puck shots at each other, physically. Like Mila being called a growing potatoe by Elen. This infuriates Mila. A very average episode.


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