Episode [03] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

War!. The battle for Alsace is over for now. The enemy forces have retreated and are now re-grouping with the main force for a last ditch counter attack. With only 900 to take to the enemy, whilst still being outnumbered by 2,700. Zion not wanting to be bested by Tigre, had his men organised in to formation. With two dragons in the middle of the formation, any of Elens forces will be no match for it. Mean while during a strategy meeting involving Elen, Lim, Tigre, Bertrand and Rurick. Titta drops in and thinks Elen and Tigre are romantically involved. Lim had an idea which involves rope. It isn’t revealed at first. Tigre then had an idea of his own, involving some spare horses. Whilst being around Alsace, Lim gets to observe the town and notices that the people respect and show devotion to Tigre. This in her mind, puts her at ease. As she had shown some concern in Elens choice. With the plan in place. Tigre, Elen and her men are out on the battlefield, waiting to confront Zion and his men.

The counter attack is on. Elen and Tigre lead the charge against Zion’ forces. As they engage with the enemy force. Elen seems to enjoy being on the battle field. Suddenly Tigre, Elen and her forces are faced with dealing with the land dragon. The enemy has them surrounded, so they are forced in to the path of the dragon. With no escape at all. Elen’ forces are no match for the dragon. Even Tigre with his archery skills, has a tough time. The land dragons skin is too tough to break through. When Lim and her force has come to break up one the flanks that is surrounding Elen and Tigre. this gave Elen a chance to deal with the dragon herself. For the first time, she uses one of her dragon art skills. She calls it Ley Admos. It tears the land dragon apart with ease. Zion is now on the second dragon. And making his retreat. With the promise of coming back with more men. Tigre has to make a decision. When he hears a voice instructing him to shoot the dragon. The voice is coming from his black bow. When both Tigre bow and Elen’ Arifar start to resonant with each other. Helping Tigre arrow land a devastating hit and killing Zion. Thenardier forces surrender.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis - wake up call

Point of interest:
  • The use of 2 dragons was the first in the series.
  • The black bow communicates with Tigre.
  • Lim begins to respect Tigre – before she had doubts on him as a person.
  • Tigre uses his cunning to best a larger force. This will be shown through out the series.
  • Elen uses her dragon art for the first time.

This episode was an interesting one, as it put Tigre on the spot. As in the point of interest stated, Tigre use his cunning to best a much larger army. Despite him being inexperienced. But we steadily see that he is growing as a character. The family heirloom was also a note worthy point. Just how aboutdid his family obtain it?. And howcome it is sentient?. Is it like the vanadis weapons?. What is the black bow called. These aren’t answered in the episode. As it focuses more on the invading army. We get to see the tactical side of Elen. She didn’t get to where she is, by just swinging a sword. Lim took a spot too. Her observation on the townsfolk and their opinion on the young lord, seemed to have mattered to her. And they sung nothing but high praises for him. Which eased her tensions with him (a bit).


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