Spring / Summer first impression: Re-Kan!

Studio: Pierrot Plus

Director: Kudou, Masashi | Air date: 03/04/2015 | Priority: Medium

Conclusion: This review is a revision from my other blog post. Which you can read the original over here.

Re-Kan certainly is an interesting concept. Hibiki Amami is our main character. She can see and speak to spirits and animals – she has the 6th sense. When she talks to animals, for most part it has its humours moments, however she won’t speak to a certain perverted dead cat.

I can’t fault Hibiki. She is your typical; sweet natured, kind, caring, considerate character. With a hint of innocence & naivety, as she didn’t have a cell / mobile phone or know how to use one at first. Till her friends showed her how. Her interactions with the deceased certainly is amusing at times. As when she talks to them, passersby look at her. They look at her with concern or puzzlement. But Hibiki just carries on talking to the dead as if they are alive and right there in front of her. What is even more funnier is her friend Inoue and her dads reaction when she mentions them or starts talking to them. The spirits mean no harm to her. They just feel lonely and Hibiki helps them by spending some time with them.

Her friends are a pleasant bunch. Even though they can’t actually see the spirits, they acknowledge that Hibiki can and never judge her for it. There is one rivalry that is one going. And that is with Uehara Kana and the dead samurai spirit or the roll-call samurai as he is affectionately known as. That is just humours to see. The only person that freaks the most in the friendship circle is Inoue. Her constant denial and reaction to the scenario is quite funny to see. Even though it is hinted that she too might have the 6th sense. The only male in the group getting wacked in the face is getting a little bit old. But no other issue, so far. And the friends might be getting their own little stories as well. Which will be interesting to see.

The tone of the series is actually quite pleasant, fluffy and nice even. Even though it deals with spirits, you’d think there will be some dark tone to it. But there isn’t. When Hibiki deals with the spirits, there is no high-octane fight with them. She just talks to them and there is no repercussion for her. No violence at all.

The pacing is consistent. You can follow it and not find yourself lost. At the moment its episodic. But there might an arching arc.

I know I said in my original post, that it will bounce up and down. Well after watching it further. I will be watching it when my other shows are not on.

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