Episode [02] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

War is coming!. Thenardier has declared war on the small fiefdom of Alsace. As such, Lord Thenardier has given his son Zion weapons – two dragons in fact, that he hopes will help his son win the war against Alsace. And an army of 3,000 soldiers. Meanwhile back at Zhcted. Tigre is confronted by Elen. Elen is not wanting to let Tigre go. Due to the circumstances that he is in. Defy Elen and go to Alsace with no plans, and face certain death. Or make a deal with Elen. Elen who has drawn her sword, finds herself being surprised and very amused to have a prisoner of war making demands. But none the less she agreed to it. The demands was Alsace gets brought in to the Zhcted fold. Tigre demands that Alsace are treated fairly under that government.

The road to war is a long one. 1,000 against 3,000 men is no simple feat by any means. But with the knowledge of the lands, Elen and co have the upper hand against the invading forces. Zion is show boating about the fact that he has two dragons. This of course is to impose fear in to the villagers. The residents of Alsace are being evacuated, with Titta Tigre’ maid helping out. The invasion is going to plan, with Zion’ soldiers pillaging the village. But are unable to harm any of the villagers, as most either fled to the mountains or took shelter in the temple. He was able to catch an arrow with his bare hand. And fire it back with sheer accuracy as it hit it’ target. With his bow now badly damaged, he is handed the family heirloom which he has inherited. He is instructed to use the bow, only when he really needs it.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Tigre has a morning ritual where he praises the black bow that has been in the family.
  • The episode also shows he has quick reflexes, as he was able to catch an arrow fired at him and fire it back.
  • Brune is a small county.
  • Dragons seemed to play some part in the series. But their roles are never fully explained or developed.
  • This episode shows Tigre true skill with the bow.

The pacing has certainly picked up from the last one. This episode marks the resolve of Tigre and his will to defend his homeland. But it still shows his inexperience as being a leader. However it does show his ingenuity, since he knows the lay of the land. And getting one over Thenardier and his son Zion. The episode also shows the black bow that has been in Tigre’s family for generations. However its role is not explained fully (yet). With Elen taking a back seat. It was a shame to see her not get much time in this episode. The slightly uncomfortable part in this episode was the near rape of Titta by Zion. However Tigre shot an arrow in his hand. The scream was hilarious.


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