Episode [01] Review: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

The story is set in a Western European medieval era. The young noble of Brune, Tigrevurmund Vorn is captured as a prisoner of war by Eleanor Viltaria or ‘Elen’. Elen is a war maiden of Zhcted. A nation that is warring with Brune. Tigre notices a small envoy with Elen in the middle. He contemplates that by taking down Elen, the enemy will be confused, leaderless and rich for the pickings by his side. He takes up a strategic position, in wait to ambush the enemy. Elen has noticed him up ahead. With good aim he has taken down two of Elen soldiers. It seems that Elen, is no novice when it comes to dealing with annoying men. She is very skilled with the blade she wields. Being a Vanadis, she wields a sword called Arifar.

Elen is treating Tigre with some respect for his skills. As she forced him to use a rather crude bow. Elen certainly knows how to deal with people, whilst Tigre is coming across as this idealist. Not wanting to kill people. Elen has fallen for Tigre’ “bow skills”. Much to Lim’ chagrin. The news wasn’t taken too lightly by Elen’ men either. They wanted Tigre dead. She showed him off because she felt he was entertaining. It seems Tigre is enjoying the grunt life. As he enjoys all the simpler things in life. Things which he was never accustom to.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Point of interest:
  • Tigre has a rather long name. So it’s shortened to “Tigre” which is Spanish for tiger.
  • Elen’ is nick name is Silver Wind.
  • Tigre is an excellent marksman. He is able to hit his target from a long distance with ease.

An introductory episode. The episode certainly let us know who is really in charge and that would be Elen. For me Elen, showed all the qualities of a strong, independent women. Who knew what she wanted and knew how to take it. Tigre on the other hand came across as weak. He was uncertain for the most part, this could be attributed to the fact that he’s never been in a position of power. This also explains the fact that he is very inexperienced. And never been in a serious battle. Whilst Elen has probably been in many. The animation wasn’t all that. With CG horses, it kind of looked very static and plastic looking. I suspect that Tigre will develop later on. But for now Elen will be the one in charge of their “relationship”. Even if it is one sided.


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